Junior Rules of the Club

It is important to us that everyone enjoys their time at the Avenue Tennis Club and the items outlined below are to ensure clarity for everyone on the junior rules of the club:

  • Membership subscriptions must be paid by the stated due date.  Failure to pay by the required date may result in your child’s place being allocated to another junior from the waiting list;
  • Juniors under the age of 13 may not be at the club at any time unless they are supervised by an adult;
  • The Head Coach is only responsible for supervising the juniors they are coaching at any particular time;
  • Juniors adhere to the court priorities listed on the website;
  • Any junior members playing after 6.15pm (6.30pm on Friday) must play quietly and not disturb adults playing on other courts;
  • A junior member may invite one (1) guest at a time with the permission of a committee member at a cost of £5 per time with their name entered in the visitor book but no visitor is permitted to play more than 3 times;
  • Sports clothing and footwear must be worn at all times and be appropriate for tennis and our court surfaces;
  • To comply with safeguarding and for the club’s health and safety policy each child MUST provide a completed form for each membership year, even if no details have changed.