Our annual Senior Club Championships run from May – June each year.  We run a ladies, men and mixed tournament.  Entries are submitted in April each year and the tournament runs until final day which is generally 2-3 weeks into June.  Finals day always proves to be a fun day of great tennis, good food and fun socialising and is a highlight in our tennis calendar.

In addition to the club championships we run a handicap event, veterans event and the plate event through August into September.

The handicap event is a fun tournament for all ages and levels.  Partners are selected at random and a handicap level is agreed for each team.  It makes for a fun and challenging tournament where people can get involved in competitive tennis no matter what their standard.

The veteran’s tournaments has a men’s, ladies and mixed event and is open to all senior members over 45 years of age.

Finally, the plate event is for all ladies and men who were knocked out of the first round in the Senior Club Championships.

Entries are submitted for the above three tournaments in July and then play runs through August and September with finals day 2-3 weeks into September.

From a social point of view we run an American Style Touranment for all levels and ages on bank holidays Mondays.

Please see our Facebook Page and Club Announcements for the latest information.