Tournament Rules


  1. The ALTC Management Committee, or any tournament sub-committee that may from time to time be established, (the “Committee”) will be responsible for organising club tournaments and ensuring that these Tournament Rules are followed.
  1. Any disputes shall be referred to the Committee whose decision shall be final.
  1. By default, all matches shall be the best of 3 sets with a tie-break applying to the first 2 sets, 2 clear games for any third set played. If all players agree before the commencement of the match, the third set may be replaced with a championship tiebreak excluding tournament finals which shall be best of 3 sets.
  1. For all rounds the “play by date” will be absolute, except in the case of inclement weather on the play by date, in which case the match will be rearranged and the Committee must be informed on that day of the new date. Both players/pairs are responsible for arranging the match and if it hasn’t been played by the due date, both competitors/pairs may be scratched.
  1. After any match has been arranged, if your opponent(s), do not arrive within 30 minutes of the scheduled starting time, then you/your team may claim a walkover provided that you, or both you and your partner for doubles matches, have arrived within the above 30 minute period. Any such claim should be made to the Committee.
  1. All competitors are expected to behave according to the LTA Play Fair scheme – enjoying your play and respecting your opponent. Verbal, racket and ball abuse will not be tolerated.  All players are required to make their own line calls.
  1. Umpires, appointed by the Committee, will officiate the finals matches. The Committee may, at their sole discretion, appoint an umpire for any match in the earlier rounds of a tournament either. Players may also request an umpire from the Committee, however whether an umpire is appointed shall always be subject to the Committee’s discretion and availability of umpires.
  1. Other than the men’s doubles veterans, ladies’ doubles veterans and mixed doubles veterans competitions, all other competitions are open to any member of the Avenue Lawn Tennis Club. Midweek/off-peak members can play tournament matches at any time. Junior members may enter the senior competitions at the invitation of the Committee.
  1. The veterans’ competitions are open only to those members who by the most recent 1st April have reached the age of 40 years in the case of lady members and 45 years for gentlemen members.
  1. For the purposes of the Tournament, a member of the Avenue Lawn Tennis Club is defined as any person who has paid their subscription for the season beginning on 1st April by the closing date for entries to the Tournament. Honorary life members are deemed to qualify as fully paid up members for the purpose of this rule. However, any player who has entered the competition but has not paid their subscription by the closing  date will be withdrawn from the competition.
  1. The club will supply tennis balls for semi-final and final matches.
  1. Depending upon the number of entries for each competition up to 4 players/teams in each competition will be seeded. The seedings will be decided by the Committee after the date for entries has closed.
  1. The Committee reserve the right to withdraw any competition if there are insufficient entries for that competition.
  1. If there are at least 16 entries in the men’s and 8 entries in the ladies’ singles competition then separate plate competitions will be run for players knocked out in the first round.
  1. The finals of all competitions will be played on the date(s) set by the Committee and published in advance of tournament entries opening.
  1. Members who will be unavailable to participate in the final of any competition to be held on the dates stated in Rules 15 and 16 above, due to prior commitments known at the time of the draw, cannot enter the Tournament. During the Tournament, should any player find they will be unavailable, they should immediately withdraw from the tournament.
  1. Should a player who has entered into a doubles tournament withdraw, for whatever reason, that player must inform their partner and the Committee immediately. Provided the pair has not yet played any matches, the remaining player may, with the permission of the Committee, replace the player who has withdrawn with a different partner. The pair must still be able to play their first match by the play-by date.
  1. In the event that any player who has reached a final is unable to compete in that final, the decision about whether or when that match should be played will be made by the Committee.
  1. The interpretation of these Tournament Rules and the resolution of all matters that within or outside of these Rules shall be at the sole discretion of the Committee, whose decision shall be final.
  1. All members entering the Tournament are deemed to have agreed to abide by the rules of the Tournament.



  • All match bookings must be entered, with relevant details (time, names, court number), in advance within the online booking system.
  • The Committee may reserve one court on each weekday and/or weekend evening (including during Tuesday and Thursday social times) for tournament matches.
  • Quarter and semi-final tournament matches have priority on floodlit courts if being played within 2 weeks of the final.

April 2023